Actress Audrey L’Ebrellec stars as a French resistance fighter in World War 2 film “We Go in at Dawn”

Audrey is best known for portraying Mary Queen of Scots in the docudrama “Elizabeth I”, opposite Lily Cole (as Elizabeth). As well as several other exciting projects, she also played the part of Laudine in “King Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot” (directed by Giles Alderson), which will be released later this year.

Also due for release in 2020, Audrey will be appearing in the highly-anticipated film “We Go in at Dawn”. As it transpires, this was a dream role for her – due to a long-term ambition to be involved in a project that focused on the French resistance during World War 2. 

The beginning of the film is set six days before D-DAY. It centres around the rescue of lieutenant Victor Lawrence (Christos Lawton), a key figure in the British Air Force who has been captured by Nazis. John Seabourne (Kelvin Fletcher), a special forces operative, leads the mission to parachute into France, team up with the local French resistance, and rescue Victor – all before the enemy discovers his true identity!

Audrey plays the character of Ellie, a young French resistant, who is accompanied throughout by her friends Anatole (Tom Taplin) and Priest Bernard (Tim Berrington). Determined and brave, Ellie wholeheartedly battles the Nazi occupants. She is clearly a strong-minded woman who is very much ahead of her time – happy to let the men know that they can’t tell her what to say or do!

Having always been fascinated by the history of World War 2, Audrey relished the opportunity to develop the role (Ellie). In fact, as well as her own research, she also used information her family passed on about the war, as well as recalling stories she learned during her school days. Audrey’s character is one of just a few female roles in “We Go in at Dawn” and, as is commonly known, war film parts are generally represented by men due to the much larger number of male soldiers involved in battle. Therefore, Ellie’s character is a very important reminder that women did fight during World War 2 – especially in the French resistance. Indeed, women represented approximately 15 to 20% of the total number of resistance fighters in France. Sadly, this historic reality is generally unknown and underappreciated.

Audrey had an amazing time working on this project. All the cast and crew worked tirelessly together to create the best film they possibly could. Part of the filming took place in Suffolk, England, where, for two full weeks, they were very much at the mercy of the unpredictable British weather! 

We Go in at Dawn” is being released on DVD on March 16th and is available now to pre-order from Amazon. Sworn to secrecy, Audrey is currently working on an upcoming feature film – which she is very excited about! She is also producing her own projects and collaborating with other artists.  

Featured photo credit: Bayek Photography