Tilda Del Toro signs with Emerging Talent Agency in New York

Photo credit: James Depierto

Actress and filmmaker Tilda Del Toro, whose recent film appearances include ‘Capone’ and ‘Night School, has signed with Emerging Talent Agency in New York City. 

Tilda was most recently seen opposite Tom Hardy in the film‘Capone, in the role of Mona Lisa, Al Capone’s mysterious ex-lover and mother of his illegitimate child. The film, which features a star-studded cast including Linda Cardellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillion, Kathrine Narducci, Noel Fisher and Jack Lowden, was written and directed by Josh Trank. 

In 2018 Tilda was cast in the Universal Pictures comedy‘Night School, appearing opposite Kevin Hart and Al Madrigal. 

Tilda is very excited to sign with Emerging Talent Agency and get the chance to spend more time in New York. Emerging Talent Agency is owned by Albert Bramante. The agency specialises in working with emerging new talent in the city, catering to the needs of casting directors and directors around the world. 

Tilda says,

“I love the authenticity and realness of New York City. I love the creativity and the filmmakers who live there, and I feel I can relate to them on so many levels.”

“I am really excited to spend more time in a city that nurtures such great art. I want my work to portray raw and real women, and I think New York is a place where I can fulfil that. It is intrinsically who I am.”

Photo credit: James Depierto

“I’m also excited to be connected with the community. Although I grew up in a theatre town, my focus continues to be film and TV. I love fashion, too, and will be venturing more into what that means for me as an artist.” 

Nevertheless Tilda says she will be keeping her LA home, saying: “I love LA, and my managers are here too.” 

She is also looking forward to the opportunity to travel again. She says: “Traveling is really such a big part of being an actor. I also spend time in Louisiana and New Mexico when I have the chance. Covid has made all this a little more challenging, but not impossible. I, like the rest of the world, am waiting for when we will all be safe. I think we are on the way to that.” 

Tilda is no stranger to city life. She was born and raised on the north side of Chicago, to hard-working immigrant parents of Peruvian, Puerto Rican and Spanish descent. She is first-generation American and speaks Spanish fluently.

She says,

“I’m so proud of my roots and I am also so proud to be an American. My parents worked really hard so that I could have a good life, and I guess I got the best of both worlds growing up with Spanish parents and being born in the United States.”

“I can do things my mom couldn’t. Incidentally, my mom made her first meatloaf when I was in eighth grade. Before that it was ceviche and lomo saltado for dinner on the regular. Pretty sure my friends were not having that for dinner!” 

Tilda trained professionally as an actor and continues her training at any chance she gets. She attended the University of Chicago and worked with the Moscow Art Theatre, The Second City, The Annoyance Theatre, and iO Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic). 

Photo credit: James Depierto

In Los Angeles she studied with some of the best studios and coaches in the city, from Margie Haber Studio to acting coach Richard Lawson. In addition to acting, she studied modern dance at Columbia College Chicago, and English at Northwestern University in Chicago. During her acting training, her teachers have included James Caan, James Franco, Joyce Piven and Del Close. Tilda is also managed by Apollo Management in West Hollywood, CA.

Featured photo credit: James Depierto