Interview with actress, producer and comedian Karina Diglyte

Karina Diglyte is a Lithuanian-born actress, comedian and producer, known for her work on projects such as Fourever, Clowning, and Stan the Man. 

Here, we talk to Karina about her acting career to date, the path she took to get to where she is today, and all the exciting projects that she has coming up.

How has studying in London helped you and your career?

Studying acting in London was the first step I took towards realizing my dream of being an actor. I didn’t know anyone in the industry and nobody in my family was an actor, so I thought studying the craft of acting was the most important first step. And I’m so glad that I did it; that was the beginning of my journey. I studied method acting for the first year at Method Acting School, then I got really into the Meisner Technique at the Actors Temple London; I loved studying there. It’s a very unique and deep acting technique that helps you to connect to the character and the script from your own unique human perspective. It taught me that there’s no right or wrong way to play the role, and it gives you the freedom to really find the character within you and be organic and truthful — then you just need to put the costume on. I hope that makes sense! So obviously, I loved studying there. I was always interested in the human psyche, curious about what makes people the way they are I loved studying there, and not only because of the Meisner technique. I also had such great teachers, and most importantly, while studying, I became a part of an acting community, making  good friends with my fellow actors. Suddenly, London became my home (I‘m originally from Lithuania). Also, through studying there, I met filmmakers, who saw my work during classes. Through the collaborative process, I ended up being cast in their films and theater plays, so I think studying in London helped me tremendously.

“I took baby steps, learned, collaborated and got cast in films and theater projects.”

Which project would you say has been the most significant in your career so far?

As much as I would love to choose one, I have to say that every project I’ve worked on was a vital experience and a real stepping stone in my journey to becoming a better actor. Every project so far has been a blessing, and I‘m so grateful to be getting more and more opportunities going forward, which should help me to grow as an actor.  

What projects have you been working on recently?

The last project that I worked on was filmed right before the pandemic. I was given a great opportunity to work on this awesome feature film called Clowning, starring Mike Starr and Bronson Pinchot; it was actually released a few months ago and is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, DVDs and Blu-rays all over the USA.  It also received the Golden Stake Award and Best Cult Film at the Shockfest Film Festival.

How is your stand-up career going?

My last stand-up performance was before the pandemic, right before everything shut down and all the planned events were sadly canceled. So, as no stand-up action was happening during those two years, me and my fellow actress friend decided to start a funny but also spiritual podcast called Not A Good Girl Anymore, which we loved doing during the pandemic.

What are your upcoming projects?

I’m so glad that the pandemic is now over and we can finally go back to work.

“I’m very excited about a couple of upcoming projects. I‘ll be starring in a feature film thriller called Asphalt Jungle opposite the great Bruce Dern.”

Also, I’m gonna be working on another great feature film, produced by 25/7 Films; unfortunately, the title and details cannot be disclosed yet.