Fashion influencer reveals top secrets for Instagram users

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Kate (@katetik) has 208k Instagram followers and is famous for her focus on lifestyle fashion. In this interview she shared some incredibly useful and innovative tips on how to effectively use Instagram; stunned us with some stylish secrets and revealed their plans for the future.

Can you tell me when did you realized that you’ve become a global online fashion influencer?

Kate: I think when I was featured in ‘street-style’ over New York Fashion Week (NYFW), a little over a year ago, that was a definite defining moment for me.

Who inspired you to become a style inspiration to many women out there?

Kate: To this day one of my biggest fashion inspirations is Olivia Palermo. I love her elegant yet edgy style, how she is not afraid to mix prints and textures to elevate her outfits but still always looking so ‘well put together’.

What secret would you reveal to the Instagram users, how to make a better Instagram feed?

Kate: Be consistent, whether it’s with your aesthetic, how often you post, your style and images need to be cohesirecognize have a signature that your followers can recognise. For photography, lighting is key. I love shooting during the golden hour as it gives you the best warm glow. Also, VSCO filters are a lifesaver to enhance pictures and make your feed look consistent; I love A4, A6 and J5.

How can Instagram users get more followers?

Kate: Working with brands that you love and that are true to your style will naturally get you the exposure among your desired audience, especially when you are re-posted by them. Cross promotion is another strategy that has accelerated many an influencer, as you can reap the benefits of added exposure to each other’s followers.

What are your best and future projects to date?

Kate: A very exciting moment was definitely seeing my face projected over skyscrapers in Manhattan for Wyeth Eyewear, which subsequently led to another States-wide wild posting campaign. I love having long-lasting partnerships with brands where we can both grow together and create something special.