Tilda Del Toro talks about ‘Life Lessons,’ ‘The Thing About Pam,’ and what she has learned about saying no

Photo credit:Tom Bertolotti

It’s been two years since Tilda Del Toro graced our screens in the film noir ‘Capone’, working with Tom Hardy. Here she talks about losing her father, making tough decisions, and her exciting new roles.

How are you? 

I’m good. It’s a beautiful summer’s day and I’m grateful for that. In a time when many things are happening around the world, I am still hopeful. 

We haven’t seen you on the big screen over the past two years. What have you been up to? 

I’ve been here in Los Angeles mostly, with some time in Chicago. I’ve been acting constantly, every step of the way. Acting is a tough game of constant tapings, producer sessions and preparation until you book a job, do the job and go back to the routine. I sometimes have around five to eight auditions a week, with tight turnarounds that require a lot of study and prep. 

Photo credit: James Depietro 

What exciting projects have you been involved in?

 “I am so grateful to have had a wonderful opportunity to work with Renée Zellweger recently. I was cast to work opposite her on ‘The Thing About Pam’ on NBC. We were all set to go and then scheduling shifted, as it often does in this business. Then my father got ill and went into the ICU. I made a decision to stay with my father and I’m grateful for the time and consideration that was put in. My father passed away about three weeks later. I knew all he ever wanted was for me to follow my dreams, but I will never regret not leaving his side.

What are the biggest challenges of the movie business?

Things happen that are out of your control. I’ve said no to five projects that were offered to me recently.

“Although I urge everyone to follow their dreams, I think it’s important that you feel 100% about what you are doing and saying yes to.”

Many people will try to shame you as an actor and tell you that anything you get, you should take. But being grateful doesn’t mean going against what is right for you. I am sad about these projects, and wish I was able to do more, but I don’t regret what I knew was right for me and the decisions I have made. 

What’s next for you? 

I’m revitalised and looking at life with a whole new perspective. Losing my father was quite an experience. I’m taking time to still process the loss, but I’m also going after life with more vigour. Experience is a gift. I no longer want things for their outcome, but for the cool things I get to experience. Every day I wake up feeling lucky. If it’s not a joy to do what you’re doing, keep searching and seeking.

“Life is in the now, and all we have are our choices to keep us happy.”

In terms of projects, there are a couple of films that are finishing up that I am excited about, and I’ve added new people to my team. I’m preparing myself for September, which will be even busier. 

Photo credit: Rowena Koenig

What advice would you give actors who are just starting out? 

Do it because you enjoy it. That may sound so basic, but it’s worth saying out loud. Even when it’s hard, if you know it’s right for you, keep going, but never do it for the result. As odd as it may seem from the outside, you are truly in the wrong place if you are acting for the result. 

Featured photo credit:Tom Bertolotti