Anna Fishbeyn’s Empathy Project: What would happen if men wore heels in order to better understand women? 

Anna Fishbeyn auf ihrer Premiere von “Galaxy 360 – A Woman’s Playground” im Eden Hotel Cannes, Foto: Sebastian Gabsch

Fiery, Funny feminist filmmaker Anna Fishbeyn has an answer to that – on Facebook Live. SUNDAYS WITH ANNA – Sunday nights at 6:30 PM EST.

Anna’s first feature film, ‘Galaxy 360 A Woman’s Playground’, is often described as a cult classic. The film wowed industry insiders at Cannes and found a passionate audience at TIFF with the attention-getting trailer airing nationwide on the Canadian news channel CP24. Recently, the trailer was selected to screen at one of Europe’s most prestigious festivals – the Cyprus International Film Festival in November. Now, the movie becomes a movement – and it all begins with an exciting Facebook live event. Launching Sunday, November 13 on Galaxy 360’s Facebook page.

Welcome to MOVEMENT 360!

Fishbeyn says,

“Movement 360 is inspired by the film ‘Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground’, where gender is reversed, and we experience life in each other’s shoes.”

Men get to be subjected to the debilitating social pressures to look good and young, and women get to experience what it’s like to have power and money.”

The globally acclaimed filmmaker points out  that “in order to have impact, to make a real difference in the conversations on gender, in order to effect real feminist change, we need to bring men into our conversation about feminism.” Anna wants to change the world and have fun while doing it!

Photo credit: Anteriya Films

Movement 360, in a series of interactive videos and interviews, will ask men to put on heels, put on make-up, do their hair, care about fashion, worry about their bodies, their faces, their age, get super objectified, patronized, babyfied, and be forced to remain calm, agreeable and pleasant – all in an attempt “to enable men to truly experience what it means to be women in today’s world.”

Fishbeyn explains why:

“Movement 360 will embrace comedy as the most important tool in building a bridge between men and women. First will come the laughter; after will come the empathy.”

Sundays With Anna, the first series in the Galaxy 360 Movement – is a comedic romp into the history of things you thought you knew while illuminating the often disturbing realities of women’s lives today. In the first episode, Anna does a deep dive into the history of heels. For instance, did you know that in the 17th-century heels, especially red heels, were a sign of male power and money – and they also showed off men’s shapely calves and thighs, or that the stiletto was first introduced in the 1950s and women were encouraged to wear stilettos doing household chores – not as a display of power but eroticism? In her inimitable way, Anna does an incredible job of entertaining while truly educating the audience. Allowing them to see things differently – and laugh at the reversal of traditional gender roles.

Foto: Sebastian Gabsch

Episode 1: SEXY HEELS AND WHY MEN DON’T WEAR THEM explores why we wear heels, what it means for our bodies, and why men should try wearing them too! In this episode, you’ll see men wearing heels and live to tell about it. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting Sunday episode: TRENDING BODIES – a historical dive into women’s and men’s ideal body shapes over time, and Anna will give men a body challenge: “get obsessed over your beer bellies and love handles and flat asses and let’s see what comes out on the other side!”  

More about the creator

Anna Fishbeyn has a passion for the betterment of women in society, and that has shaped her work to drive gender equality. This entertainment industry powerhouse is the director and star of ‘Galaxy 360: A Woman’s playground’, a sci-fi comedy where women rule the world and men dream of getting married.

She is also the author of the well-received novel the Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield and the critically acclaimed plays ‘Sex in Mommyville’, and ‘My Stubborn Tongue’. Previous work: starring in and directing the award-winning short film Invisible Alice and starring in and producing the award-winning webseries, Happy Hour Feminism. Anna founded the innovative XOFeminist Productions and Anteriya Films to create original, female driven, multicultural content for TV, film and theater. 


Featured photo credit: Sebastian Gabsch